Online Mortgage Questionnaires

by DVP|Connect®

If your mortgage lender requires the Association to complete a Mortgage Questionnaire, simply choose one of the options below to be taken to the online payment page and we’ll take care of the rest!

Standard Mortgage Questionnaire

Our Standard Mortgage Questionnaire is an aggregation of the key information requested by lenders.

Standard Mortgage Questionnaire
72 Hour Turnaround$199

Uniform Mortgage Questionnaire (RUSH)
24 Hour Turnaround$249

Non-Standard Mortgage Questionnaire

If your lender uses a non-standard mortgage questionnaire that requires additional information above and beyond our Standard Mortgage questionnaire, DVP is happy to get your lender everything they need.

Upon submitting payment, please email your lender questionnaire to

Non-Standard Mortgage Questionnaire
72 Hour Turnaround$249

Non-Standard Mortgage Questionnaire (RUSH)
24 Hour Turnaround $299

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